Monday, December 17, 2007

our family

Before After

Bo and trent are playing for the same highschool this year. Bo is #22 on varsity and trent is #10 playing on the Freshman team. We have loved watching them play. This is Bos' last year,it is so fun to watch, thank goodness we'll still have Trent and get austin next year!

Brittany is dancing with the school and the Stars this year


Halloween dinner

Brig first tractor ride with Granpa Brad

Todd is always sooo happy.....what nice teeth

good moves Austin

Nicole finds time to come home
and usually brings her social life with her

Welcome to our family Alec!
cute grandaughters hu!

thank you Brad

Our first blog is dedicated to brad. He managed fatherhood,church callings,kidney stones,a wife,a wedding, ballgames, life in general,the birth of our fourth grandchild, a full time job with two shut downs and building a house in one year!!. His talents and determination to have things perfect for his family have always put his needs and wants last. Thank-you Brad for all you do for our family. I love you so much.

I am starting with pictures of brads hard work over the last year. He has us in a beautiful house that put him working many hours after his regular twelve hour job. I will post more when i get the card. Here are a few pictures of the construction of our house.

This is the beginning of Brads garage.

we were so excited to see walls

Merinn standing in the bonus room

Merinn Austin Brad and Brit in front of Merinns bedroom

kitchen and great room

He still made time to take me on my favorite date (riding horses)
Brad and Page